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A Traditional Nutraceutical from Ardakan (Fars): Sohan Halva


Halva, one of the most common nutraceuticals in Traditional Iranian Medicine, is prepared with grains flour, nuts, fruits, spices, oils, and sweeteners. According to Qarabadin Salehi, Sohan Halva is a 17-ingredient confectionary which is suitable for cold temperament, backache, impotency, and nervous system disorders. Also, a product with nearly similar features is prepared in Ardakan city in Fars province, Iran. This study is going to compare and analyze similarities and differences between both products. Ingredients, preparation methods, side effects, and contraindications of Sohan Halva were extracted from Qarabadin Salehi and also were obtained from local producers. Clinical studies of each materia medica of Halva were collected. In spite of similar cooking methods of Sohan Halva, there are some differences in spices used in two products. Generally, only four of them including cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and cardamom are similar. Sohan Halva is considered a tonic nutraceutical according to Qarabadin Salehi and local Ardakani producers. Numerous recent studies confirm the effects of this local food. Traditional recipes are valuable heritage of cultures and nations; therefore, reporting such data helps maintaining ancient knowledge not to be forgotten.

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Sohan Halva Ardakan (Fars) Qarabadin Salehi Ethnic food Nutraceutical

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