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The Concept of “Masam” (Pores) in Persian Medicine


Persian Medicine (PM) is a holistic school of medicine with a unique philosophy and terminology. “Masam” (pores) is a widely used concept in PM literature, both in physiologic and pathologic conditions, defined as natural openings on the skin surface and also other organs. Penetration of substances topical medications, expulsion of substances including hair, excretion of waste products such as sebum and sweat, and substance transport in various organs, including the placenta, uterus, synovial membrane, stomach, muscle, lung vessels etc. are facilitated through these macroscopic, microscopic and nanoscopic pores. “Masam” are subject to various alterations, including collapse and occlusion, which may lead to bad deposition of material in the body and prevention of the Haar -innate heat- from reaching the organs, leading to dysfunction and dystemperament. Changing rheological characteristics of such material by “Nozj” may help their removal and therefore open “Masam” to yield the return of normal organ temperaments and functions.

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