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The Effects of Aromatherapy by Lavender Oil on Agitation and Hemodynamic Parameters in Mechanically Ventilated Patients in ICU


Patients receiving mechanical ventilation, due to stress, anxiety and stimulations of tracheal intubation, experience agitation that threatens the process of mechanical ventilation and also can cause dyspnea, confusion and asthenia. Agitation control by the medications and physical restraints, brings unpleasant side effects as well. Therefore, this study was performed to determine the effect of aromatherapy with lavender oil on agitation and hemodynamic parameters in mechanically ventilated patients.
This quasi-experimental study was performed over 40 patients under mechanical ventilation. All patients who met inclusion criteria, were recorded their hemodynamic parameters and agitation severity before the intervention and then two drops of 2% lavender essential oil were added to 200 ml of distilled water and the aromatherapy was done within one hour. Hemodynamic and agitation parameters recorded every 15 minutes during the first hour and every 30 minutes during the second and third hours. Agitation severity and hemodynamic parameters were compared before and after aromatherapy and were analyzed by statistical methods [descriptive and inferential].
The findings showed that the scores of agitation and hemodynamic parameters, before and after aromatherapy with lavender were significant (P < 0.001). According to the results of this study, aromatherapy with lavender oil is effective on agitation and hemodynamic parameters in patients undergoing mechanical ventilation; therefore, it is suggested to be used as one of the non-drug and uncomplicated interventions in independent nursing duties to control patient’s agitation

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